QL+ National Program

The program began with inspiration from Vetrans of the United States Armed Forces and expanded through the satellite club at Cal Poly to serve a variety of people seeking a solution to physical challenges. 


Imagine living in a world where it’s a challenge to get out of bed each morning, to clean your teeth or take a shower.

Imagine feeling young, strong and independent, but now struggling to find ways to make the most of your skills, knowledge and experience.

Imagine finding it hard to ride a bike, go hiking, or play with your kids.

This is the reality for too many Veterans of the United States Armed Forces – those who put their lives on the line to protect our freedom. They return home from battle – but the battle has only just begun.

QL+ engineers develop unique solutions and assistive devices to improve the quality of life of our nation’s wounded warriors. (from qlplus.org)

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