Bicycle Trailer

The Sterners, a family living in Morro bay, approached our club with a project in developing a bike trailer for one of their daughters Lisa.  Lisa Sterner, one of their two children, is a 10 year old girl with disabilities impairing her communication and physical capabilities. 

Need Statement:

Although a wide range of bike trailers exist, few are capable of supporting loads greater than 125 lbs and are generally meant to accommodate kids from 1 - 6 years of age.  They also do not provide easy access for children to enter or exit themselves or provide any interactive features to engage the child while riding within the carriage.  The coverage while although protects from the elements are not always durable and must survive being tugged at.

Available bike trailers cannot adequately support Lisa and can be hazardous for her safety given her wide range of motion.

End Goal:

We want to provide the Sterners a bike trailer to use on biking outings in Morro Bay by the end of this school year. Currently, my team and I are in the research phase and will be moving onto compile our first design and begin the iteration process.


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