Myoelectric Hand for Dr. Bratcher

Dr. Chris Bratcher is a winemaker in Lompoc, California. Two years ago, he suffered a winery accident that cost him his right hand. He currently uses a body-powered hook prosthesis that is difficult to strap on and use, especially for his tasks as a winemaker. He has always wanted a myoelectric hand prosthesis, and our team’s goal is to design and build a myoelectric hand that will help him better conduct his everyday wine-making routines.

Our team consists of seven well-qualified engineering students with mechanical, electrical and programming backgrounds. During the fall quarter 2016, our team discussed what Dr. Bratcher will need form his new hand. We then conducted research on existing myoelectric designs and ways we could incorporate certain features into our design. During winter quarter 2017 we will be deciding on a design and starting the prototyping process.


Team Lead, Aaliyah Ramos

I am a 2nd year mechanical engineering undergraduate from Temecula, California. Cal Poly is a great fit for me. I enjoy the ‘Learn by Doing’ curriculum and thrive in hands on project scenarios. This is what drew me to Quality of Life Plus. I became involved with QL+ in my first quarter at Cal Poly by joining the thermoformer lab development project team. I also participated in the 2016 spring quarterly design project, which was aimed at designing a medication management solution for the elderly. I really believe in QL+’s mission statement, and am really excited to lead my team in providing a solution that will help Dr. Bratcher.




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